JARED LETO on 30 Seconds To Mars’ latest record: ‘We set out to redefine ourselves as a band’.

Jared Leto on 30 Seconds To Mars’ latest record: ‘We set out to redefine ourselves as a band’

Singer and Hollywood actor Jared Leto has opened up about his band’s latest album, ‘Love Lust Faith + Dreams’, and explained that when they created it they were aiming to redefine who they were as a collective.

Speaking to CBS about the album, the superstar confessed that giving 30 Seconds To Mars a new beginning was important and something they think they have achieved with its release:

“I think we set out to redefine, rediscover start again in new way. I think it’s a new beginning for us…The new songs have really given us something very special.”

He also gave his views on touring as his band will head out on an extensive run of dates worldwide in support of the record later this year and added that it’s special to perform songs that link them with their fans in a live setting:

“I suppose every time you make an album or go on-stage you are sharing a piece of yourself, sharing a piece of your work. It’s the thing about music that’s really special – it’s a community-oriented experience. It’s a really social experience and that’s a nice thing.” -Jared Leto says


Dallas Buyers Club is out in the UK – Feb 4th 2014!

Dallas Buyers Club is available for selected theatres.

It will be available February 4th on (Blu-ray +DVD)


Updated: Finally…

Dear, Echelon. 

It’s been months since we have updated this site, and about a year ago, we created a MARS fan club, which is now not up anymore, due to confusion of this site and keeping (a certain audience). So as of now, we have a new admin on our Facebook page. Updating you guys, about 30STM.

There may also be a few changes to this site such as (the newsletters) which will be down on December 5th.

We all hope you have a wonderful year, and thank you so much for your support for this website of ours, it means so much to us. And we thank you so much for that. If it wasn’t for you, this site wouldn’t of existed.

With love,

The Echelon Community.


Did you see this interview of Paul & Ian teasing about Season 5?

Watch the interview of Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley teasing about the new season 5 of The Vampire Diaries. Watched it already? Tell me what you think by the comments below:

Watch it here.

TVD and the Originals news coming on our website:

In the next week, We will be posting all the spoilers/news of the spin-off, ”The Originals” and ”The Vampire Diaries” of season 5 and the Season 1 of the new spin-off. As we will be posting the news next week of the first episode of the new seasons, We will be leaving you with the new TVD promo with more information/details, coming next week!! Watch it below for the little scoop:


After, this evening when I watched Artifact the film, It was something really personal and special, and We thank Thirty Seconds To Mars for sharing it with us. and also a Special thanks to the Mars Crew. What would we do without you? You guys are truly amazing at what you do. I have now gained more respect for Thirty Seconds To Mars more than I ever have before. I now also feel that I’m more connected to them as a fan. I will never stop loving MARS no matter whether their albums don’t sound the same; or there albums are different in so many ways, I will still love them as a band, because they’re not like any other band, they’re special especially the experiences they give to their fans.

Thank you 30 Seconds To Mars, Jared. Shannon, & Tomo.

We love you.

-Echelon Community




Okay, so this is now a rant as you can see by the title…

First of all, I would like to rant about people that say Jared is exploiting fans. You don’t have to buy the merch, tickets or Artifact or even VyRT or the VIP experience either. It’s your choice, your decision.

And fans that are so ungrateful? Really? How can you be ungrateful when the band does they’re best to please you. and all they do is to make you have great experiences.

Jared made VyRT to please the fans, You surely can’t have a HD video and with no ads and expect it to be for free! No. That’s not how life works. Also, Jared is now giving you a chance to buy Artifact. It just really shocked me that there’s fans out their that are spoiled, and so ungrateful it’s unbelievable.

Now ranting about, THE PRICES OF THINGS.

Don’t complain that the prices are too expensive. It’s not MARS’s fault that you can’t afford em, or if you are in a financial situation. You’ll just have to get them some other time. Life sucks sometimes, you know?

Ticket rant.

I would rather buy tickets by MARS themselves on their tour links, then to rather buy them on Ebay for a stupid ridiculous price. The VIP experience maybe expensive but at least you get to meet them. and If you have that chance to meet them, then just think that you’re very lucky to have that opportunity. unlike other people, that might not even have that opportunity, ever.

Jared only cares about the money. REALLY? Are you mad?!

Jared doesn’t care about the money, If he did why would Jared do a free concert if he cares so much about the money? Why would he even bother to have 100% proceedings of his Haiti Book for charity? BECAUSE HE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE MONEY. Unlike, other artists. (not saying any names.)

It’s about time that some Echelon appreciate what the 30stm do for them. And think that they’re lucky that they love a band that cares.

Enjoy what you have in life. Because you can’t have everything you’ve always wanted. and That’s life and you’ll have to accept it and move on.

Rant over.


Read this #Echelon!

Dear, Echelon.

Today, has been a nice sunny day. I’m still stoked for October. The Originals will be amazing with the spin-off. and I’m keeping up to date on TVD. as It’s my huge obsession. I’ve finally made a decision on what will happen with my Twitter this upcoming month. I’ve also had quite a few saying it will be a good idea… What I will be doing is, I will be not just updating you guys on 30 Seconds To Mars/Jared/News I will be now updating you on The Originals/TVD news! Sounds good? I hope so. I’m always looking for something new. So I’m posting this notice up, so that you’ll know what will happen. If you do not like my idea, you can send me a suggestion/feedback on what you think that needs to be changed about this idea. I’ll look forward to any suggestions….you can even send me a suggestion by mentioning me on Twitter @JaredLetoHolic
Thank you for reading this. And I hope you have a great summer.
-Phoenix Echelon.