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I’ve been a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars since 2008. I have 2 Siberian huskies. I have seen MARS once live which was at Wembley Arena 2010. First video I saw of MARS, Would be The Kill. I have a fanbase on Twitter for 30stm. I come from London, United Kingdom. I listen to so many rock bands, and just being very creative… I learned how to edit when I was 9, I’m still editing even today. I create avatars, banners, graphics, icons, etc. + (HTML & CSS) I also have tumblr but it’s not a personal tumblr, but you can follow if you wish! I can speak a Little bit of French, haha. Not much though… I’m a cat person, But still love huskies, Lol. but I had 3 cats and they died long time ago… Think this description is all you needed to know, well…hopefully! 🙂 And if you read this, Thank you it was much appreciated. You can Check out my tumblr and my twitter page, + thanks again!!

-PhoenixEchelon. (Creator+Editor)

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