Okay, so this is now a rant as you can see by the title…

First of all, I would like to rant about people that say Jared is exploiting fans. You don’t have to buy the merch, tickets or Artifact or even VyRT or the VIP experience either. It’s your choice, your decision.

And fans that are so ungrateful? Really? How can you be ungrateful when the band does they’re best to please you. and all they do is to make you have great experiences.

Jared made VyRT to please the fans, You surely can’t have a HD video and with no ads and expect it to be for free! No. That’s not how life works. Also, Jared is now giving you a chance to buy Artifact. It just really shocked me that there’s fans out their that are spoiled, and so ungrateful it’s unbelievable.

Now ranting about, THE PRICES OF THINGS.

Don’t complain that the prices are too expensive. It’s not MARS’s fault that you can’t afford em, or if you are in a financial situation. You’ll just have to get them some other time. Life sucks sometimes, you know?

Ticket rant.

I would rather buy tickets by MARS themselves on their tour links, then to rather buy them on Ebay for a stupid ridiculous price. The VIP experience maybe expensive but at least you get to meet them. and If you have that chance to meet them, then just think that you’re very lucky to have that opportunity. unlike other people, that might not even have that opportunity, ever.

Jared only cares about the money. REALLY? Are you mad?!

Jared doesn’t care about the money, If he did why would Jared do a free concert if he cares so much about the money? Why would he even bother to have 100% proceedings of his Haiti Book for charity? BECAUSE HE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE MONEY. Unlike, other artists. (not saying any names.)

It’s about time that some Echelon appreciate what the 30stm do for them. And think that they’re lucky that they love a band that cares.

Enjoy what you have in life. Because you can’t have everything you’ve always wanted. and That’s life and you’ll have to accept it and move on.

Rant over.