Read this #Echelon!

Dear, Echelon.

Today, has been a nice sunny day. I’m still stoked for October. The Originals will be amazing with the spin-off. and I’m keeping up to date on TVD. as It’s my huge obsession. I’ve finally made a decision on what will happen with my Twitter this upcoming month. I’ve also had quite a few saying it will be a good idea… What I will be doing is, I will be not just updating you guys on 30 Seconds To Mars/Jared/News I will be now updating you on The Originals/TVD news! Sounds good? I hope so. I’m always looking for something new. So I’m posting this notice up, so that you’ll know what will happen. If you do not like my idea, you can send me a suggestion/feedback on what you think that needs to be changed about this idea. I’ll look forward to any suggestions….you can even send me a suggestion by mentioning me on Twitter @JaredLetoHolic
Thank you for reading this. And I hope you have a great summer.
-Phoenix Echelon.