Update of Being Inactive.

Hey all,

This is my update in ages…Here it goes…

I’ve been inactive on Twitter lately, Because I’ve been so busy. But tomorrow, I’ll be back on Twitter like normal…Well, hopefully! Today the weather where I am was nicer than usual normally it’s dreary and raining constantly. I’ve also noticed that when I kept playing ”City Of Angels” I heard Jared’s mic at the end of the song, It’s slightly the same sound as the ending of ”NOTH” when you hear the mic sound at the end. Lately, I’ve also been catching up on tv series, as I’m a fan of the Vampire Diaries which I can’t wait to watch until October for the 5th season. I also heard that ”Dallas Buyers Club” (film)will be out December the 5th! Which is so lucky, because my birthday is 5 more days after the film has been released, Isn’t that cool? Well, I’m hoping this update was a good one, and I’ll hopefully be back doing the fanbase and giving you all the latest news like normal! 😉

Enjoy this update and listen to LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.