Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams Album Review:

Birth. – This is the best song to start off the album, It would make a great movie soundtrack. If the length of the song was slightly longer.

Conquistador.-The upbeat rock track with the amazing tune, This song, can get addictive to play but could get bored if overplayed too much.’

Up In The Air.

-‘Up In The Air’ is the song that you could go crazy on the dancefloor too. and call it ‘Anti-dancing.‘ The song is good, but for long-time believers, they could be disappointed due to the tune and the dancy sound.’

The Race.

-This song, is great to listen to with the violins, It’s so orchestral. It can also be addictiveEspecially the lyrics ‘The-The-The Race.‘ and the nice and colorful lyric video to go with it.’

City Of Angels.

-This is our favorite song that we like most from the album, It kinda reminds me of ‘U2‘ Jared sounds like Bono in certain parts of the song with great vocals. It has amazing lyrics, and it’s well written, Jared is a great writer, huh?’

End Of All Days.

-The love how powerful this song really is, and you can hear more of Jared’s powerful vocals with the lovely piano tune. It fits so well with the song. I’m hoping they do a music video for it or something!’

Pyres of Varanasi.

-I love how it’s got that dreary and darkness sound of it, and It’s very Indian style. which is so cool, I think this song was the most interesting to hear from the album, Probably because of the title itself.’

Bright Lights.

-This has an amazing upbeat tune, It’s a great song to play in the morning and a great song to dance to, It reminded me of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun‘ No offense, amazing song though.’

Do or Die.

-I love this whole song, I think this will probably be the most best song off the album, to play live with all the audience. (It’s very catchy!)


-I like the way, Shannon is doing the tapping sounds of this song, it’s so instrumental and It fits so well with the song, which makes the 10th track on the album, great.’

Northern Lights.

-This song took me a while to get into, you might have to play it more than 3 times to get used to the sound of the slow upbeat tune, I wouldn’t say it’s one of our favorites off the new album, It could of probably been slightly better. It’s not bad though!

Depuis Le Debut.

-The last track off the album, The title is a French, with the meaning ”From The Beginning” we’re not sure if the meaning we did is done accurately, The ending of the song, reminds me of a horror movie, with the sweet tune of a twinkle sound.’

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