ARTICLE: Jared Leto Tries to Keep a Low Profile in London, Fans Swarm Him anyway

No matter how hard Jared Leto tries to hide, the fans are clearly going to find him!

The actor and 30 Seconds To Mars singer was spotted leaving BBC Radio One in London earlier today as he tried to keep a low profile with a hoodie and sunglasses.

Too bad it didn’t work at deterring fans, as they were all about taking photos with him and having him sign autographs. I mean, look at him. Can you blame them? Jared has been on a whirlwind tour promoting the new 30 Seconds To Mars album and their awesome new music video. Oh Jared, how’d you get so cool?

Must be the fact that he can act, sing and play instruments. You know we love having triple threats! Now just add some dancing into the mix and you can be in one of those funky Broadway productions where the actors play the instruments.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jared being beautiful in London by going to the website below. I am just so excited about all the Jared we’ve been seeing recently. I can’t even wait for his Dallas Buyers Club press tour. That will be awesome.

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