A few hours ago, My twitter account got hacked and started following random people. I don’t know who hacked it, but I have protected it more now, so it should be protected from hackers. Due, to this I have lost followers of Echelon. But the ones that didn’t unfollow me are much appreciated. I was actually quite upset. Not the fact that I lost followers, but the fact that the Echelon family that I was quite close to unfollowed me for no reason. Earlier, I was thinking of not deleting the account but will make it UN-active, Don’t think the Echelon really want a Jared Leto Fanbase… But it’s okay, I’ve had it for quite a while now. And feel like It’s hard to do on my own. I did still try to keep all the Echelon updated. and I’ve been doing that for ages, all my work finally done. But thanks to the ones that stood by me, If not for those people, I don’t think I would be apart of such a good family.

(P.S Thanks for everything.)