Hey, I’m finally back to blogging on this page again, I’ll be studying hard soon…and I’ll miss the Echelon and Twitter also. I may have to say that our website will be UN-active for a little while, Due to me studying, etc. But you’ll be updated with the official news anyway either by twitter or facebook, I have so many moments to tell about the VyRT…

I also want someone to DM me about the RE-VyRT I won’t be able to watch it so don’t want it to go to waste…and If you know anyone let me know the first that asks gets. Either send me a tweet or a DM If I’m already following you. You choose, I don’t mind either way! Also…

It’s december, and times gone so quick. I only approximately have about 1 week till my birthday. SO excited… Well, I hope this blog that I wrote put enough things down that I needed to say. Reminder: You probably know, that I hate to say this…But If anyone was taking my Re-VyRT, It has to be someone that I can trust at least to get it. Anyway, I’m done and out of here. Enjoy!

With love and hopes that this december will be a great month of this year.