A Note From Phoenix:

English: 30 Seconds to Mars performing in Manc...

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First I would actually love to say Happy Birthday to Jared Leto if it wasn’t for Jared, The echelon wouldn’t of existed. And I wouldn’t of known such a great family like I do today. So I thank him for that, Also I thank Jared for his music, and Inspirational band. This Is War is such an amazing and epic album to listen too. it’s also great live. I aspect those who saw them live would love to go again. Because of the Atmospheric crowd they bring. And for the people getting on stage, for Kings and Queens! They’re the most luckiest people ever. So thank you so much 30 Seconds To Mars And Jared also for your fantastic & epic music. I will always love the Echelon. I will live, Die, Bleed. For the fantasy!!

– Love from, Phoenix